Casa Prisca, Via Oscura, 11 - Buonconvento (Siena)
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Events Vacations House Tuscany Siena Buonconvento
Buonconvento is a charming medieval town located in enviable position to visit Siena (25 kms), le Crete Senesi area and Val d'Orcia. The historical centre of the village is plenty of tipical restaurants, shops and winery.
Buonconvento is a real Tuscan village within easy distance of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany.

The Siena Palio
The Siena Palio is a horse race held twice a year, July 2 in honor of the local Madonna of Provenzano and August 16 in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin. The winner of the race gets a banner (palio) as a prize. The race is three times around the Piazza del Campo in the center of the city. Ten jockeys, or fantini, ride bareback horses. They represent ten contrade, or city wards. The course is challenging and the rules make it more so. For example, because there isn't enough room at the starting line for the ten horses to stand side by side, nine stand at the starting line behind the canapo, the starting rope, while the tenth horse, the rincorsa, stands further back. The rincorsa begins the race before the other horses, so is at full gallop by the time the canapo is dropped for the other horses to start. Some of the turns are hair raising. One is a right-angle turn that has caused the death of many fantini and broken legs for many horses.

Tuscany International Festival of Music (first half of September)
We are happy to announce that the City of San Quirico, thanks to the vision and enthusiasm of it's administration, has decided to assume the organization of the Tuscany International Festival of Music which could not take place without the support of our sponsors, all of those who help with the organization and the enthusiastic participation of the local population.
Tuscany International Festival of Music, will take place in the Val d'Orcia Southern Tuscany, one of the most scenic and romantic places in Italy, generally at the beginning of September.
The festival wishes to continue to attract the interest of both Italian and foreign visitors to the area. We also give importance to the growing participation from the local population. We aim to offer all of those who attend the festival unforgettable encounters with artists and writers of international fame. The festival will utilize a wide variety of the most beautiful concert venues that the region has to offer, above all the most important buildings and monuments of San Quirico. The performances will take place in various times of the day and evening and will feature concerts with music from different eras with a wide variety of ensembles and recitalists representing ten different countries. As was the case in previous editions of the festival, music will not be the only ingredient of the festival. There will also be book presentations, cooking classes, wine tasting in the most important wine cellars and vineyards of the area. Our Tuscany International Festival of Music, will be a feast not only for the ears but also for a variety of other senses as well as an invitation to enjoy the architectural, gastronomical and enological wonders that characterize this magnificent part of Italy.

Montalcino Sagra del Tordo
Montalcino celebrates hunting season by throwing a food festival in the medieval fortress, roasting thousands of thrushes on spits over open fires, boiling vats of polenta and washing it all down with Brunello wine.
Last Sunday in October.

Montepulciano Bravio delle Botti
After a week of medieval pageantry, festivities and feasting, costumed two-man teams from Montepulciano's eight neighborhoods, prove their racing prowess by rolling heavy barrels up to steep and narrow street to the top of the main square. Last Sunday in August.

Arezzo Saracen Tournament
The Saracen Tournament held in Piazza Grande in Arezzo, is the scene of this joust. Held on the first Sunday in September, this tournament dates back to the Crusades in the Middle Ages, when all Christendom dedicated itself to driving the North African Arabs (the Moors) out of Europe. There are lively and colorful processions to procede the event, in which eight costumed knights charge towards wooden effigy of the Saracen. The aim is to try to hit the Saracen's shield with lances. Each pair of knights represents one of Arezzo's four rival districts and their supporters occupy a side each of the plaza. They are quite when their own district knights are jousting, but make as much noise as possible to distract the opposition. The winner receives a gold lance. First Sunday of September.

San Galgano Festival
During summer time in the big St. Galgano Abbey, built between 1220 and 1268, when in Italy the Romanesque style was merging with the newborn French Gothic style, many concerts and grand opera are held. For any kind of information you may contact Multipromo Opera Festival Tel. 055.5978309
Box Office Firenze, tel. 055.210804; Informazioni turistiche Terre di Siena: tel. 0577.280551; Abbazia San Galgano: tel. 0577.756738

The Sword in the Rock
It's worth while also visit the Sword in the rock! The Sword in the Stone placed in 1180 by Galgano Guidotti on Montesiepi's Hermitage. This was the only known miracle performed by St. Galgano … but over 800 years later, it's still visible

The Bosco della Ragnaia (Ragnaia Woods)
The Bosco della Ragnaia is a woodland park and garden created by the American artist Sheppard Craige at San Giovanni d'Asso, a small town near Siena, Italy. Although some parts may appear ancient, the park is a contemporary work that began in 1996 and continues today. Under tall oaks one may find many inscriptions that gather moss while waiting to be noticed by a visitor. Some will be familiar, others enigmatic, while yet others merely express Sheppard's sense of whimsy. Notable built features include: an Altar to Scepticism, the Center of the Universe, and an Oracle of Yourself. The Bosco does not offer a meaning, but is, on the contrary, open to all interpretations.Sheppard tells of a time long ago when the woods was ruled by Sages. He repeats the sonorous question with which they concluded all their incantations: Se Non Qui, Dove? (If Not Here, Where?)

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Tourist Attractions
  • San Antimo Abbey
  • Monte Oliveto Abbey in the Crete Senesi area
  • San Galgano: summer concerts
  • Siena
  • Monteriggioni
  • Pienza e Monticchiello
  • Bagno Vignoni
  • San Quirico d'Orcia

More events

  • Threshing Feast at Buonconvento (August)
  • Val d'Orcia Festival at Buonconvento (last week of September)
  • Live concerts at La Foce (30 min. from Buonconvento)
  • Truffle Festival (October)
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